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Movement Festival: Detroit

1 Jun 2019
Hart Plaza
Hart Plaza

Making A Movement 

Each year on Memorial Day weekend, thousands of people from across the globe get together in Detroit to celebrate where the birthplace of Techno started, celebrating it’s heritage and all of the musical influences new and old. For those not already aware of this stronghold community, Detroit’s best kept secret musical remains: the city that took the world by storm giving us the smooth sweet sounds of Motown, also created the dance floor euphoria for the masses with the birth of techno. The Movement Music Festival is the longest-running Techno events in the world showcasing the best electronic music unlike any other. It takes place in Downtown Detroit at the legendary riverfront Hart Plaza. For three days and three nights, there are nonstop performances from more than 100 artist across five different stages. And then there’s the afterparties!…

What makes this festival so special you ask? It’s one of the best parties in the nation, drawing crowds from all over the globe to take part in where the birthplace of the genre began. Pulling from the region’s industrial roots, Detroiters introduced the world to a sound like no other and every year, Movement serves as a culmination of a truly unique heritage. But the city keeps the sound alive long after the last stage is deconstructed in Hart Plaza.

Let’s not forget that Techno is a part of the Detroit hearts that continue to pulse in clubs and warehouses all year long. Detroit music moguls that participated in the event were acts such as The Saunderson Brothers, Carl Cox, Richie Hawton, The Bellville Three, and the legendary DJ Godfather and founder of what we know as Ghetto Tech.

But if Techno is not your thing, there were plenty of other genres to choose from — House, Experimental, Ambient, and of course Hip-Hop including performers Danny Brown, Gucci Mane, and Madlib.